Adult (Beginning, Intermediate or open; 15 years old+)
We offer several ballet classes specifically for adults who wish to enjoy the physical and aesthetic benefits of dance in a more recreational atmosphere. We have an introduction to ballet class designed for adult ballet dancer without prior ballet or dancing experience. Our beginner adult ballet class is ideal for those new to ballet or revisiting a former pastime. The intermediate and advanced classes are designed for adults with intermediate to advanced dance experience.  All classes emphasis not only proper alignment and coordination, but also muscle tone, flexibility, learning to count music, learn variations (dance routines), and focus on artistry. Ballet is also a perfect complement to other forms of dances and exercise.

It is of utmost importance to us that we create a welcoming and nurturing environment for our adult ballet dancers and we have offering for all dancers no matter the level or previous knowledge of ballet or dance. We understand there are few opportunities for adult ballet students to master the skill of ballet, and we are proud to be a rare studio that not only emphasizes on the core elements of ballet, but also delve into the artistry aspect. You will learn to express yourself through dance in a meaningful way and translate those skills to other areas of your life. Another rare opportunity we provide our adult students is the chance to participate in performances, as a way to have a goal to strive towards and to show family and friends the hard work it takes to do ballet beautifully.

We ask of our dancers to come with an open mind and be ready for an adventure. Ballet is a life long activity that always has something to teach us, no matter our current level or abilities.

     Preston Li's Academy of Dance - Adult Ballet

All Levels Adult Ballet Class

Absolute Beginner Adult Ballet Class (for students with no or under 1 year ballet training)

Beginner 1 Adult Ballet Class (for students with 1-2 years ballet training)

Beginner 2 Adult Ballet Class  (For students with 2-3 years ballet training)

Intermediate Level 1 Adult Ballet Classes (for students with over 3 years ballet training)

Intermediate level 2 Adult Ballet Morning Classes  (for students with over 5 years ballet training)  :  626.375.3215

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