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"...Angela believes that Preston Li stands out in the adult ballet community because of his huge emphasis on artistry. She especially enjoys his ballet acting class, where he focuses on developing emotional maturity in his students’ dancing. Through Preston’s meticulous coaching, she loves learning how to use ballet as a language and means to connect with people. Angela is immensely grateful to Preston Li for not only encouraging her love for ballet, but for also providing performance opportunities to “late-starters” like herself. (She still can’t believe that she’s learning pointe!) Thank you Preston for your hard work!"

"...An interest in expanding his dance vocabulary and in particular learning to dance with a partner led him to start taking pas de deux classes at Preston Li’s Academy of Dance for the past 6 months. As a freestyle dancer with no formal training, he initially felt apprehensive about joining in ballet classes, but found that the atmosphere at PLAD is welcoming and non-judgemental. Greg has learned not only many technical aspects of movement, but also how to connect with a partner on stage, thanks to Preston’s methods of helping students show emotion through the dance. Both the technical and artistic aspects of Preston’s teaching in ballet have started to positively impact Greg’s b-boying as well, despite the dance styles being so disparate in aesthetics."

"...Donna started taking classes with Preston a little over a year ago and is a devoted student of his. Preston has done wonders not just for her technique, but also her artistry, which not many ballet classes emphasize, especially at the adult level. Preston has a very unique style and is the perfect coach for students of all levels. Another great thing about Preston is that he truly loves teaching, and it shows. Although he is strict (as every good ballet teacher is), he sees the beauty in all of his students and is very encouraging. He constantly pushes his students to be better because he believes in them. Preston also teaches classes that are rare to find, such as adult pas de deux and acting for dancers."

     Preston Li's Academy of Dance - Testimonials

"...Aileen has had the great privilege of being trained by Preston Li since 2011 and remains one of his most devoted students. Preston has helped her grow tremendously as a dancer, both by improving her technique as well as her artistry through effective and encouraging instruction. Aileen feels extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to train with such a talented artist and attributes much of her success as a dancer to him..."